The effect of colours is amazing!

Posted On 04/21/2020

Let me tell you something about the effect of colors

In some other contributions I have already written a lot about the topic colors. So you could already read which famous people have already dealt with colors and their effects, or what kinds of color teachings and color therapies there are.

Today I would like to tell you more about the individual colors, and what experiences I have made, and how other cultures see colors and what effects they have.

The effect of colours ; the “blue”

The blue water of the oceans and seas reflects the depth of this colour. The colour blue is therefore assigned to the element water. Life originally began in water, all living things depend on water.

Intelligence and wisdom are associated with water. The effect of the colour blue is opposite to red, calming and cooling. Cool blue tones promote concentration and create peace and balance. They are therefore well suited for work spaces.

The effect of colours ; the “red

Red is often associated with the element fire. This colour stands for energy, power, light, passion and activity.
It is also perceived as very warm, and often associated with eroticism and sexuality. Psychological experiments (2010) with people have shown that men are more attracted to red clothing on women than to clothing of a different colour.

There are approaches for the psychological effectiveness that red increases strength and speed in the short term. For mental or demanding tasks it had a rather counterproductive effect, e.g. athletes with opponents dressed in red often lost against them, and if students see red before a test, they score worse.

The blood is also red. In Hebrew, the words blood and red have the same origin: red means “adom” and blood means “dam”.

The bright blood red was the color of the Greek war gods Phoebus and Ares in ancient Greece.

The biblical Adam was created from red earth. In early cultures, the dark red of blood was assigned to the feminine.
The “Mother Earth” donated the red ochre, which was said to have life-supporting powers.

The effect of colours ; the “green”

The green of the meadows and forests reflects the hope and immortality of this colour.
The colour green is therefore assigned to the element nature. Many people go to the woods to experience relaxation and recreation.

The old Germanic word ghro means to grow and prosper, the root of the word green has its origin there.

The effect of the colour green on us humans is in many ways the openness, patience, simplicity and love.

One should use green for rooms where many people come together to talk or just to meet.

The effect of colours ; the “white”

The colour white is often found in nature in crystals. The colour white stands for the element metal.

If you look at this from the point of view of the development of the earth from a shamanic point of view this is also understandable.

In shamanism it is said that the earth was created from the struggle of fire and water.
After that came nature and then the metals. About the element metal it is said that it contains the properties of all elements,
this property that it contains all colors is also assigned to the color white.

So we see that there are clearly parallels. If you compare the color white with the element metal,
one would have to say that metal is partly very hard, but also contains a very large knowledge.
If you look at our computers, they consist mainly of metals, they store information and carry out arithmetic operations.

The effect of colours ; the “yellow”

The colour yellow stands for the element earth.

The characteristics of yellow are also the same, one is grounded, stable, generous, compassionate, all these are also characteristics of our earth. We also find these qualities in the colour yellow.

The effect of colours ; the “black”

The color black is found mainly in our universe.

Everybody surely knows the term black hole in the universe. The energy in such a black hole is so great that it can absorb
…and devours them in his environment.

In recent years, science has also discovered that the dark matter in the universe is full of energy.

It is almost as if an invisible force prevails which we are just learning to understand. Many cultures and religions believe in this force and call it God or Creator.

If you look at the colour black from this point of view and connect it with an element, it can only be air or ether.

It is the intangible, supernatural, spiritual what distinguishes this colour.

Furthermore the colour black appears elegant and simple. It radiates a certain seriousness and can be an expression of our home furnishings.

Through the targeted use of furnishings, such as lamps in black, or murals in black, accents can be set that influence our well-being.

After all, black is the fourth most popular colour in the World.

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