Yin Yang

Motif description Yin Yang

The Yin and Yang is the symbol of duality, with Yin for the female, passive principle and Yang for the male,

active principle (one cannot exist without the other).
The symbol itself contains 5 “parts” because the symbol Yin and Yang shows us that there are 5 elements,

that make our world appear as it is.
Polarity allows movement and change – everything living is subject to this cycle of changes.
So people have to recognize that they belong to the universal process,

and not outside or “stands above things”.
Our Yin Yang energy pictures are all hand painted by ourselves.

More on the Yin and Yang meaning can be found in our blog post: Yin Yang meaning

Here is a very nice video contribution to the motif Ying and Yang, without big words, “sometimes beautiful”.


Written by Karsten