The torus

The way more complex structures maintain themselves and their energetic field,
is made possible by another important structure:

Leinwandbild Torus Silber „ruhendes Herz“

The now famous torus.

“The torus is an incredibly beautiful shape, and in my understanding it seems the first
and to be basic form in the matrix of creation. All energy strives
to explore yourself and express your potential, and this expression
to share with the whole as efficiently as possible. The optimal way to do this is the torus,
because it is the most efficient and self-sustaining way for an energy flow,
to express themselves while entering, holding and leaving a center.
In other words, this beautiful and self-emergent shape,
is the best and easiest way for all of creation to maintain at the same time
and express – and express awareness or awareness when the waves hit!

The center of the torus contains the whole that come in this center
all waves together and share their identity, their memory and
their dynamics in a non-destructive way.
This size-independent shape is therefore the best, simplest, and shape for atoms,
our heart, our mind, our buildings, our communities,
our planet – and everything beyond, “enthuses Michael Rice.

Heart field

In fact, the magnetic fields of our heart and also of the earth itself have the shape of a torus.
And many models of the electron also have this shape.
The researcher Nassim Haramein was able to show that all systems from
the size of an electron, up to the universe as a whole by scaling
of the torus. And, of course, by pure coincidence, he also found
that these scaling levels are in the ratio of the golden ratio to each other.

“Basically, all energy fields are a torus – because only in this way can
they develop centripetal forces and that’s the only way to keep such a field together, “
winter is convinced.
This shape enables us to have life energy
keep in a stable structure and let it flow.
Without the central energy vortex,
the torus, and the centripetal forces of implosion would take any form
immediately decay and could not hold life energy – and thus also develop no awareness.
The better our energy field is in line with the geometry of the field,
the more optimal the flow in our torus, the more life energy
we can keep in our torus and the more awareness we get.

video Gallery

A great film is Thrive, which explains the torus in more detail right at the beginning of the film. Of course you can also watch the whole film. (duration approx. 120 min)


Written by Karsten