Cube of Metatron

Symbol description Metatron´s Cube

From the flower of life, an ornament can be constructed with a few simple means by connecting the center points, which is called the cube of the Metatron.

This ornament contains on the one hand three-dimensional shapes such as the tetrahedron, hexahedron, octahedron, dodecahedron and the icosahedron, and on the other hand two-dimensional shapes (the regular triangle, the square, the hexagon and the star tetrahedron). There are other forms in it, but the ones mentioned are the best known.

The cube of the Metatron is the quintessence from the flower of life and with one of the most powerful elements of sacred geometry.

The flower of life is only a key for us.

It should prepare us for this symbol. In my opinion the most sacred of all symbols because it contains the blueprint of creation.

In ancient times, precisely this knowledge was kept secret from the general public and is only now slowly coming to light.

But better late than never 🙂

As already described above, the symbol of the Metatron contains all Platonic solids. The blueprint of life is pure geometry when you look at nature.

Pythagoras already recognized this and used this knowledge for his work.

video Gallery

Here is a nice video contribution by Charles Gilchrist, he talks about the cube of the Metatron (English), very interesting.


Written by Karsten