Power color analysis


Power color analysis


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Find out which colors strengthen you personally!

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What colors do you need? Which colors support and harmonize you?

This special shamanic method for the determination of the force colors comes from Africa and is taught by “Elie Hien (Papa Elie)”. He is a shaman of the Dagara tribe, and Karsten learned “Guido Heredia Sandoval” from one of his students. The shamanic element wheel is the basis for determining the power colors. The element wheel contains the 6 basic elements in the shamanic teaching of the Dagara. These are water, air, earth, fire, nature and metal. Each element has a specific color and property. So every color also stands for a property. Here I explain briefly what properties the colors represent (but gives a lot more properties): White, this color stands for the element metal, which contains all other basic elements, since it was created in the end in the process of creation. We need the material in our world, without it we would have nothing. It also stands for assertiveness and implementation, that is, getting into action. Green is the color of the heart and stands for nature and harmony. It should help you to listen more to your heart. Yellow is the color of the earth and stands for family and stability. It should help you stay on the ground and learn how to give. The colors black, for example in the element bike, stand for air and spirituality, and the contact with your ancestors. So it’s not a negative color ;-). I know many people find black negative. But that’s not the case, black is the most spiritual color of all. Look at the universe, when you look into the night sky everything is black, but there is a lot of energy and strength behind it. Let’s get to blue, blue is the water that is the origin of all life. The water always makes its way and stands for the spirit, the intellect. Here again comes a counterpart to feeling, or the heart. You can not only decide certain topics with your heart, the mind should always play a role. Otherwise we would only consist of heart ;-). And I hope you can follow me. Red is the color for the element fire, and like fire it is also a color which gives us energy and strength. In the same way, the element fire stands for change and change. If you have learned your strength colors from us, you can use them and integrate them into your daily life. Wear it e.g. as clothing or beautify your home with it. These colors harmonize you. We will also send you a more detailed explanation of the colors so that you understand it better. You can also have us paint an energy picture with these colors. Or learn to paint yourself in one of our video courses. How do you get the colors now? Select this item and enter your date of birth when you are in the Checkout area in the Order Notes field under Additional Information. We will then send you your personal power colors. You can find out more about shamanic teaching at: https://what-element-am-i.com 


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Dear Jeannette,
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Now the sun shines every day in my apartment and in my heart :-).
I am very happy, thank you very much also for the kind words.
I wish you a wonderful time and all love.
Sincerely Martina

Martina Kaiser

Biodanza with Martina

Hello, you two,

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Thank you very much.


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