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Flower of Life Energy PictureThe symbol of grounding and harmony is the flower of life.
It has a harmonizing and ordering effect on all areas of life.
The pattern, which consists of 19 circles, is often seen as a symbol for the primordial pattern of creation, which shows
that all life and consciousness originates from a source.
It is called the primordial pattern because the flower of life (as it is also called) begins with a circle.

The next 6 steps are identical with the cell division of all life forms.
Like a template one can find on it the intersection points of all other symbols of Sacred Geometry.

Flower of Life “The Spirit in Harmony”

If one considers that the oldest representation of the life flower is about 5000 years old and that the representation of the geometric ornament has fascinated mankind to this day and has not fallen into oblivion, then this can only be explained by a mystical attraction, but also by universal laws.

If you take a closer look at the structure of the life flower, you will see that the geometric forms refer to all the laws of nature. The outer circle or ring symbolizes our life cycle and is connected with cell division, the origin of life. Out of this outer circle the next one, also called the fish bladder, develops. By the meeting and the cut of the circles the actual creation develops and a third being develops.

The meaning of the third circle can be interpreted very differently. Thus one can see the life cycle in it from birth to life to death. But also the individual stages of life beginning from the past over the present up to the future can be found again.

The third circle is followed by the fourth and fifth, in which the four elements or the five fingers of the hand can be reflected. There are countless possibilities for interpretation, but they all have one thing in common: the inner connectedness of life and spirit as part of the infinite vastness of the universe.

What else can you get from us around the flower of life?

With us you can buy different hand-painted energy art. These will be painted by us personally on canvas for you. Of course we also have many other powerful motifs from the sacred geometry and other powerful symbols for you :-).

The flower of life is applied by us according to the basis of sacred geometry. So we do not use a template or anything similar.

So you don’t get a wall tattoo, but a real painting!

By our experience of many years (since 2010 we paint this kind of pictures) we have already experienced a lot and can also respond to individual wishes.

Many of our paintings hang in doctor’s surgeries or with Heipraktikern and give light and harmony to the people in their environment. If you want to learn more about us, you can do this here: learn more about us here >>

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Written by Karsten