Our original stocks


Canvas painting Mandala Gold OM

Size: 39″ x 39″
Painted in 2015 by Jeannette Wagner
original price: 799$
reduced price: 399$ 
you save: 400$ (50%)
Mandala Sommersonnenwende

Canvas painting Mandala Gold "Summer solstice"

Size: 24″

Painted in 2013 by Jeannette Wagner
original price: 699$
reduced price: 249$ 
you save: 450$ (64%)

Leinwandbild Spirale Kraft des Wassers_80x190cm

Canvas painting spiral "Power of water"

Size: 28″ x 74″
Painted in 2018 by Jeannette Wagner
original price: 1899$
reduced price: 899$ 
you save: 1000$ (51%)
Leinwandbild Mandala „Gabe“

Canvas painting Mandala "Gift"

Size: 20″ x 20″

Painted in 2016 by Jeannette Wagner
original price: 499$
reduced price: 229$ 
you save: 270$(54%)

Leinwandbild die Blüte_80x80cm

Canvas painting Mandala "the blossom"

Size: 28″ x 28″
Painted in 2014 by Jeannette Wagner
original price: 600$
reduced price: 229$ 
you save: 371$ (62%)
Leinwandbild Weisheit&Wohlstand_50x150cm_große Version

Canvas Sri Yantra ; flower of life & spiral "wisdom & prosperity"

Size: 20″ x 59″
Painted in 2012 by Jeannette & Karsten Wagner
original price: 699$
reduced price: 349$ 
you save: 350$ (50%)
Leinwandbild Mandala Healing 40cm

Canvas picture Mandala "Healing" with power words

Size: 16″
Painted in 2019 by Jeannette Wagner
original price: 399$
reduced price: 180$
you save: 219$ (54%)

Here you can find our original stocks of energy pictures, which we have not sold yet, but which are also looking for a nice place on a wall.

We had painted these pictures for exhibitions, or for special occasions. 

They are either hanging in our studio at the moment, in a permanent exhibition, or they are well packed in our house, because there was no space left on the wall.

To make sure that these paintings will find an owner and that we can free the space for new copies, we are making you a really unique offer today. 

You can now get these pictures at a reduced price.

Partly you get a painting up to 60% below the normal value (up to 1.000€ cheaper)!

But each picture is really only available in this version and only once.  

That means whoever signs up first gets it! 

We update this page from time to time, so you can see which pictures are still available here. 

Just leave a message in the contact form here, with the name of the picture, and we will contact you immediately.

You can pay here by purchase on account, so after receiving the goods!

If you want to have a picture, please leave a message here

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Written by Karsten