Motif description prana generator

Energie für die Krone Bestand 1The prana generator is a very interesting object. It can be two-dimensional as well as three-dimensional.
The best known form of a three-dimensional prana generator is the pyramid.

There are many mysteries about the pyramids, to date it has not been proven how the pyramids in Egypt e.g. have arisen.
The fact that, as general science claims, they were only built using the simplest of tools and, above all, by hand, stone by stone, has been refuted very well in some documentation.
The scientist Dr. Patrick Flanagan dealt intensively with the topic of pyramids and published a book called Pyramid Power in 1973, which was sold over 1.5 million times.

He noticed that we are surrounded by a biocosmic energy that is particularly high in the pyramids.

He carried out many experiments with test subjects by finding very clear changes in the energy structures of the test subjects.

As already mentioned, there is also a two-dimensional prana generator, these are e.g. concentric circles, squares or triangles.
Their effects are not quite as strong, but they still have considerable strength and effectiveness.


Written by Karsten