Sri Yantra

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The Sri Yantra is personally one of the most important symbols for me, I first saw it in 2009, I think, and was immediately fascinated by it. Since I was already starting to draw geometries at that time, I really wanted to know how to construct the Sri Yantra without measuring anything. It took a while but at some point the information was revealed to me.

Sri Yantra Wall Art Picture on Canvas
As with all motifs, you just create it and start with a circle.

That is still fascinating for me to this day.
A special person and scientist is Dr. Patrick Flanagan, he also worked with this symbol for a long time. Dr. Flanagan has studied this symbol for decades and has come to incredible conclusions.

Dr. Flanagan on the Sir Yantra:

“Mathematics is the key to the universe and sacred mathematics is the key to ascension, it is the key to everything. You don’t have to be a mathematician, you can just appreciate the beauty of math. Incidentally, the five-pointed star (the pentagram) contains the PHI ratio, the golden ratio I was talking about, which is the frequency of love, the ratio of love.

The relationships are phenomenal if you think about it. This diagram (the Shri Yantra) corresponds to the spectral lines of hydrogen and hydrogen is my work! Believe it or not, H- contains the PHI ratio in its spectral lines. One of these triangles is a perfect PHI ratio and that’s the basic design that allows this diagram to come in perfect harmony. “

The effect of the Sri Yantra

The Shri Yantra is one of the motifs of sacred geometry and is considered one of the strongest symbols. It is said to bring material and spiritual wealth to our lives. This yantra has been in use for thousands of years.

It stands for life energy and love energy. This wonderful motif connects us with our chakra and thus enables direct access to our heart. The symbol of the Sri Chakra Yantra causes by the very high vibration that a strong energy field builds up, which then surrounds us. Overall, it stands for creation itself, and should and should connect with creation in all areas.

It is said that a Sri Yantra is the strongest Yantra in the universe to achieve material and spiritual wealth.

Lakshmi, the goddess of prosperity and happiness, is said to live in this Yantra itself. It is said that it can fulfill all worldly and spiritual desires.

The structure of the Sri Yantra

The Shri Yantra consists of a structure of nine triangles around a center, this is called Bindu. That focal point Bindu is supposed to represent the beginning of all things. Four triangles point upwards. This is supposed to represent “Shiva” itself, it is the male force in the universe that Shiva embodies. There are five more triangles, these are supposed to represent “Shakti”. Shakti embodies the feminine aspect. If you look closely, you can see 43 small triangles in the Sri Yantra.

In India, the Sri Yantra can be found in almost every household. It has a special meaning there and is highly valued by the Indians.

Draw the Sri Yantra yourself

If you are interested in drawing the Sri Yantra, I can only recommend you to try it! It’s not easy, but once you’ve figured out how to do it, it’s pretty fascinating. In a small post here on our website I show you how I do it in a series of pictures. You can not see in detail how I proceed but you can guess from it :-). Click here for the article: Draw Sri Yantra yourself >>

video Gallery

Very nice documentary on the Sri Yantra, maybe even the best. (Duration 14 min)


and here is a short contribution to the Oregon Sri Yantra in the desert.

Written by Karsten