Yin Yang Meaning

Posted On 04/23/2020

Yin Yang Meaning and effect

In a nutshell, the Chinese Yin Yang symbol represents a perfect balance. Apparently the whole Chinese philosophy is based on the concept of Yin and Yang – opposites, interaction and supposedly the seed of all things. For example, the negative results from an imbalance of Yin and Yang and the positive comes when both are in harmonic balance. That sounds perfectly logical, doesn’t it.

To illustrate the understanding of the characteristics of each side of the symbol, I have once illustrated the opposites in the following table. Each property is assigned under its corresponding energy, the Yin or Yang. The Yin Yang meaning of each energy should be clear.

Yin Yang Energys

Dark Light
Earth Sky
Female Male
Passive Active
Tiger Dragon
Down Up
North South
Water Fire
Winter Summer
Shadows Light
Valleys Mountains
Even numbers Odd Numbers
Moon Sun
Cold Heat
Death Life

The Yin Yang meaning, has more than one interpretation. Basically interpreted, yang means “sunny” so that it corresponds to the day and more to the active functions. Yin means “shady”, so it corresponds to the night and the less active functions.

A few more points about the Yin Yang meaning

Neither yin nor yang are absolute. Nothing is completely yin yang or complete. Every aspect contains the starting point for the other side. For example: day becomes night and then night becomes day… Yin and Yang are always connected.

Yin Yang is not static. The Yin and Yang flows and with time it changes. An example is how the day slowly turns into night and vice versa. But the length of day and night will never change. Day and night are not static. Some changes in the relationship between Yin and Yang can be dramatic, where one aspect literally changes into the other. For example, some fish species have females that can transform quickly if the males are not enough.

The addition of Yin and Yang forms the harmonious whole. A consequence of this is:. One aspect increases the other decreases to obtain the overall balance of the whole.

The balance of the Yin Yang can be disturbed for example by external influences.

Four possible imbalances can be:

Yang deficiency

Yin Deficiency

Excess Yang

excess yin

These imbalances can be combined: if there is an excess of Yin, a Yang deficiency can be simulated and vice versa.

This concept is especially important for Chinese healing practices. An excess of Yang thus leads to fever. An excess of Yin could mean the accumulation of fluids in the body. The Chinese healing method is built around these eight principles: internal and external stimuli, deficiency and excess, cold and heat and yin and yang.

Yin Yang can be divided into additional Yin and Yang aspects for example a Yang aspect heat, can be further divided into a Yin Yang warm aspect or burn.

The terms listed here are only a starting point to illustrate the nature of Yin and Yang. In theory, Taoism is not a doctrine that defines everything precisely.

The following Yin Yang symbols and short descriptions are shown as examples for the use of the symbol:

The Yin Yang meaning of various images


2020 04 23 11 25 21Classic Yin Yang symbol

This is the basic Yin Yang symbol. As mentioned above, this symbol represents duality, but also that to every force there is a counter force in all things in the universe. It also shows us the necessity of balance in all things. This Yin Yang meaning is well known and widely spread.

Yin Yang Lotus Symbol

2020 04 23 11 25 26The Yin Yang enclosed in the lotus flowers is a particularly powerful and balancing symbol. Buddhists all over the world know that these lotus blossoms mean the holy seat of the Buddha. For the Chinese, it symbolizes the ultimate purity and perfection, the immaculate what is reborn. The lotus flower in combination with the balance of Yin Yang make this a perfect union of body, mind and soul.

Yin Yang eye

2020 04 23 11 25 44An artistic view on the traditional Yin Yang. This symbol stands for our focus or view of balance – inwards and outwards. This is a beautiful symbol and expresses the vision for peace and balance.

Yin Yang heart

2020 04 23 11 25 50Balance in our hearts and love in our lives is the most important thing in our lives. This traditional Yin Yang symbol in the shape of a heart reminds us that love is the truest of all virtues.



I hope you were able to take some artistic ideas from the article Yin Yang meaning to let your creative energies flow.

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