The connection between mandalas and sacred geometry

Posted On 03/27/2020

Why do mandalas have such a calming and centering effect on us when coloring in and designing? Because they contain elements from sacred geometry…

sheet sacred geometry
sacred geometry


Sacred geometry = harmonious (whole) dimension of the earth

Sacred geometry shows us the harmonic energy patterns through which nature creates and creates

Sacred geometry is an important element in all spiritual traditions – each tradition has used its own symbolic language to record the geometry of the universe and the knowledge about it.

Christians = cross

Jews = tree of life

Celts = spirals, triskeles

Hindus = Sri Yantra, Swastika

Chinese = Yin Yang

With their help you can reconcile yourself with the natural flow of the universe. But how does it work and why?
Researchers are now aware that the entire universe is a sea of ​​energy in which everything is connected through this medium. Like a vibration membrane on which all parts can feel the whole.

Schwingungs membran

The energy waves move in the universe and whenever they meet they influence each other, exchange information and form new waves and patterns

Waves can amplify (add) or weaken (subtract) or cancel each other out.

In order to be able to form a stable and non-destructive pattern, the waves Fibonaci Spiralemust be able to nest into each other – that works in
Ratio of the golden ratio

In this way they have also become a fractal – a structure that shows the same principles on many different levels.

Now when the waves interact in this golden section fractal relationship, something exciting happens: they form a vortex.

Golden ratio corresponds to the ratio 1: 1.618 – the number phi – the small part relates to the big, like the big to the whole and it is the
only division where the parts are still in resonance with the whole.

Centripetal forces develop in it and the waves accelerate towards the center, where all waves flow together without interference in a single point and a self-sustaining, stable fractal vortex is created and opens the way for matter and gravity:

Each new wave adds something to the collective and the overall context grows and develops

The Golden cut

appears in nature and in almost all living systems, as well as in many chemical and physical conditions.

His patterns form the very basis of the perception of beauty.Frau goldener Schnitt

Our health
and our happiness is linked to how well we can accept, maintain and experience this natural flow of life energy.

“We now know that the life energy in air and in water is massively optimized if the symmetry of the electromagnetic field is fractal.” Daniel Winter

All disharmonious and fragmented energy fields collapse when they meet such harmonious and stable structures that approach the golden ratio

Sacred Geometry Example from architecture:

A building must be embedded in the energy flow that already exists in the nature of the location. Otherwise, the waves of the building
and not connect the place constructively, but fight with each other and create energetic disharmony.

What we build and inhabit actually informs not only our biology, but also our psyche – and our resulting behavior.


Written by Karsten


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