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Posted On 04/16/2020

Symbolic meaning Spiral

Perhaps the appearance that characterizes Celtic symbolism is mainly the multitude of spirals that adorn older artifacts. In Celtic art and symbolism, we can guess some meanings from the existing spirals …

In terms of spirituality, the spiral symbol can be assigned the meaning that represents the path from external consciousness (materialism, external consciousness, ego, external imagination) to the inner soul (enlightenment, invisible beings, nirvana, cosmic consciousness). Movements between the inner (intuitive, immaterial) and the outer world (matter manifested) are represented by the spiral.

Furthermore, in terms of rebirth or growth, the spiral symbol represents the consciousness of the beginning of nature from the core or centre, which consequently expands outwards. This is the way of all things, as most mystics have already realized.

Symbolic implications of the spiral

  • Evolution and holistic growth
  • Letting go, devotion, release
  • Raising awareness of the one within the overall
  • Connectivity and the union with the cosmic energies
  • Revolution of time, stars, planets and the nature of natural progress

I especially like this last point “connection to the divine”. In fact, I think the ancient Celtic artists used the spiral symbol as a mind-altering creative process, in creating a spiral in their work. Maybe that’s why we see them dominating the Celtic world.

Summary Symbolic meaning of the spiral

  • Balance
  • Progress
  • Direction
  • Introduction
  • Center
  • Expansion
  • Awareness
  • Connection
  • Hiking tour
  • Further development

Try it yourself! Paint your own spiral, draw spirals. Make a spiral symbol mosaic. Use any media you like to create spirals. And when you do so, imagine your mind disengaging with each outward rotation, and you surrender fully to the spiral movement and come a little closer to creation.

This exercise is similar to creating a mandala. The idea is to get lost in the power of creation. The mandala or spiral symbol is the partner of creation and can take our mind into deep areas of consciousness.

You can use your whole body for the spiral creative process. Go into a spiral labyrinth and do a conscious ritual, just like some of our Indian ancestors did (and still do). Dance spirals, just like the dancing dervishes do (their dance is a symbol of the cosmic dance of the universe). Find ways to express the spiral with your whole being, the results will surprise you.

Talking about the dance of the universe in astrology, the spiral shows us a universe in constant movement. And, as science can testify, spirals in our universe are infinite, thus strengthening the concept of infinity.

To show the potential of the spiral symbol, I am particularly excited about the following quote …

“The human mind always makes progress, but progress is made of spirals.”

~ Madame de Stael

If we gain more awareness of the importance of the spiral, we also start to look at you in nature. Here are some examples…

Wisdom of the spirals in nature

  • Vines
  • Snails
  • Mussels
  • Tornados
  • Rolled up snail
  • Bridle trunks
  • Whirlpool in water
  • Animal horns (like mountain goat horns)

Take a few minutes to look at the spiral in nature. You will then be shown new aspects of nature and its effects on your own perspective. Better still, look at Mother Nature like a child and find your own special spirals in her.

I hope you enjoyed this Spiral’n insight :-). Look at the links at the bottom of the page for more symbolic meaning.

Thanks for reading

Karsten “Raul Falco”

Written by Karsten


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