Why is painting energy art so good

Posted On 04/20/2020

Why is painting energy art so good?

A scene from everyday life: A lot of work is pending, you don’t know what to do first. “How am I going to do it all again?” You lose the overview – hurry and impatience arise, in your thoughts you are always one step ahead – all this leads to stress, tension and shallow breathing – the body cramps – working like this costs you a lot of energy and this leads to increasing misfortunes and even accidents.

Some basic questions about this:

1. how do I manage to find a balanced work rhythm without coming home totally nerved and exhausted at the end of the day?

2. how do I manage to remain physically and mentally relaxed despite concentrated work and still receive creative impulses?

Painting energy symbols helps you to perceive your body, to work focused and present and to stay in a harmonious state.

How does it work? And what are energy paintings anyway?

The use of symbols that generate a lot of power or energy turns a picture into an Energy Picture.

Which symbols do we use for painting Energy Paintings?

On the one hand, symbols that were worshipped by many ancient cultures and over many generations because they reflect natural laws and cycles – they are charged with positive energy. For example Celtic spiral, Hindu Sri Yantra, Jewish tree of life, Chinese Ying Yang etc.

On the other hand, symbols which, due to their special form and structure, bundle forces / energies – nature provides us with models here – she always works energy-oriented: nature creates life and its various forms of expression always according to the principle of the minimum expenditure of energy. The system is so stable and self-sustaining in itself that it requires only little energy from outside to develop or move forward.

Forms from nature: fruits, animal bodies, cells


sheet sacred geometry




This symbolism is bundled under the term “Sacred Geometry” – it is the language of nature and this term is translated with: Holistic measure of the earth. These forms show us the harmonic patterns and algorithms by which nature creates life and generates energy.

What kind of energy is it that, starting from the symbol, is transferred to us when we paint energy pictures?

All symbols create a harmonious, ordered, holistic and centering energy and they balance:

When I am nervous and excited → I become calm

I am absent in thought → focused in the here and now

I have a cramped posture → I relax increasingly

The moment I am balanced, I am able to absorb energy again – before this unbalanced attitude robbed me of my energy.

In our drawing seminars we accompany you in this process. We want to reach the following state when painting energy art:

“no mind” state – focused on the present activity, in order to be able to perceive his intuitive impulses in the silence and at the same time to have the courage to act accordingly and to allow his creative potential to unfold.

If this state is the basis for all your decisions and actions in everyday life, then you follow the path of the heart: then you are intuitive, courageous, creative and full of verve. Then YOU are the master of your life.

If you now feel like painting your own energy picture, you can do it live in one of our drawing seminars about the flower of life, mandala, spiral or torus.

If you prefer to paint at home, have no time for a live seminar, or live too far away, you can now learn to paint your energy picture through our online video courses. The first course we offer you is the Flower of Life Course. Here you can learn more: Flower of Life Video Course.

Written by Karsten


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