Healing with Symbols

Posted On 04/18/2020

Where does the power of symbols come from?

Today I would like to talk about the New Homeopathy and healing with symbols, because we use many of these symbols for our energy pictures as well.

The New Homeopathy has its origin in sacred geometry. However, the symbols from sacred geometry were not developed by the New Homeopathy.Bild 10 klein

These symbols were already used by the ancient Egyptians and Celts over 3000 years ago. These ancient cultures still knew about the power and effect of these symbolisms.

The Australian Aborigines also used tattoos, the North American Indians painted their bodies, and tattooed bar codes were found on the body of the approx. 5300-year-old glacier mummy from the Ötz Valley – just jewellery, does it only have an ornamental character? – Probably not – because these geometric shapes appear mainly on parts of the body (on “Ötzi”‘s back) that nobody else can admire. So what purpose did these geometric patterns on the skin have?

We can assume that, although so-called primitive societies did not operate computers or travel from continent to continent by plane in the past millennia, they had quite profound knowledge of the human body and its energetics.

Bild 6 kleinMany traditions disappeared, while others, such as the meridian system and the Chinese acupuncture technique, remained as a form of therapy for thousands of years.

According to the New Homeopathy, we know that biosystems are in a permanent exchange of energy and information, that the human skin is the border between inside and outside, and that by attaching geometric patterns in the form of bar codes (antennas as switching elements) this dialogue can be influenced in a salutary way.

I do not know why the term “New Homeopathy” had to be used at all costs. These techniques are very old, and as I said, they are largely based on sacred geometry.

And what they have to tell us is much more powerful than we can imagine. I find it enriching that there is a form of therapy that deals with symbols. It is a little bit different as I do with energy pictures, but the effect on the body is the Bild 8 kleinsame.

Because please consider that the symbols do not only work in 2 dimensional space but also beyond. They include everything! You enter directly into the field, no matter if the symbol is on the skin or as a picture on the wall.

In it there are some symbols that we ourselves have been using for years (but we have been using the symbols a little longer than the book exists 😉 ).

Maybe I will write a book about the effectiveness of the symbols myself, we have already gathered some experience.

By the way, the healing symbols are in our Mandala coloring book. We have drawn more than 10 powerful symbols and bound them as a book, or offer it as an e-book for download. If you want to learn more about it click on: Mandala Colouring Book

This should be a little encouragement for you to learn more about the power and advantages of symbols.

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So you can really paint your personal power and energy wall art.

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All the best for you

Karsten “Raul Falco” Wagner

Written by Karsten


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