Why we use acrylic colours for our energy Paintings.

Posted On 04/21/2020

Today I would like to talk about why we use acrylic colours for our energy paintings. If you look at the pictures in the upper part, you will immediately notice the strong colours. Even if this is only a photo, the colours are still very powerful. And this is only because of the acrylic colors.

Leinwandbild das Tor 70x70cmThese colors are simply super. In our early days we used normal color, and when I say normal I mean painter color. Yes you read correctly, but how should we know what is good. We taught ourselves all the techniques, and of course we experimented a lot.

That’s why we have also learned to love acrylic paint. These colours have an incredibly good luminosity and this especially for a very long time. How long exactly I don’t know, it will be a bit difficult to find out :-). Anyway, there are several differences in the quality of these colours. For us, the colours from the manufacturer System 3 have proven to be very good. There the price/performance ratio is just right.

A further point for acrylic colors is that you can simply paint Mandalas muchMural energy art mandala muladhara life force gold yellow better with them. The colors dry much faster than e.g. oil colors. This is of course very important for our way of painting. Otherwise we could not hold drawing seminars on one day, because we paint a picture with colour and then draw the symbols on the picture.

But this is only possible if the paint is already dry. With oil paint this would take more than a whole day. For this reason, we also got away from oil paint very quickly.

If you now want to paint a picture with acrylic paint, I can recommend the canvas shop. There you can get really good canvases that were made in Germany. Also the acrylic paints of the manufacturer System 3. We also have an online course on the subject of “Energy Painting“, if you are interested in it, just have a look.


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Written by Karsten


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