Where can you buy energy art?


Posted On 04/20/2020

Where can you buy energy art and how should you proceed

Now that you have finally landed here I would like to introduce you to the advantages of our energy art. Basically you can say that we here at energyart.org always pay attention to quality. In addition, we really still paint ourselves!

You will surely have found some offers in the internet which are much cheaper than our products, but these are also guaranteed not hand painted. If you go afterwards I have to tell you honestly we are really the most consumer friendly. Because our prices are not utopian. The important thing is that we create something that people really use. And why should we overprice our products if nobody buys them.

So if you are planning to buy energy art, please check exactly who they are from and if they are hand painted. If they are not hand-painted, you better leave them alone.

Because think about how much energy can be in an art print! Exactly made by a machine, without love!

Believe me, you will not be happy with it. It is not called energy art for nothing. Surely our symbols would also have a good effect when the paintings are printed, but there would always be something missing. And what is missing above all is the love that flows into the work when it is painted.

Surely there will always be small deviations from the original painting, but that’s the wonderful thing, each painting is unique and intended for the person who bought it. Therefore each painting will find its owner.

We have already painted art that were in our possession for 3 years, and then one day a man came and was immediately taken with it, although several hundreds had already looked at it before him. It was not meant for these hundreds, it was only meant for this one person. So let your inner guidance guide you in your decision. Be open, and then you will be able to perceive the moment when the right picture appears.

There is nothing worse than impatience when buying energy art (but this is also true for all other things). We already have a lot of customers who buy energy art from us again and again. This shows me that there is a certain connection. These people are attracted by the symbols and also by the energy that comes directly from the energy art. And these people have experienced something positive with these arts (otherwise they wouldn’t keep buying them :-).

I firmly believe in one sentence: “The right energy art can change your life” and you will feel it when you see it.

I have been painting and selling energy art from year 2010 now, and I have been to numerous trade fairs where I have met people who were so impressed by a energy art that they came to me 5 or 6 times on the same day. The art had captivated them, or rather the energy of the art reached them. And they were open enough to recognize this.

It’s just wonderful when you can make people happy in this way. That was also the reason why I started it. First of all not to make money with it, but to give something back to the world.

So that this place where we live is perceived by us again. Because this place, our earth, is already perfect, we just do not recognize it anymore. Unfortunately, this is also forgotten very quickly in this fast world. Therefore I am grateful every time that my arts remind me of it. This is also a kind of energy, an information.

Therefore, if you like a painting on our website, and you feel a connection to this painting, but you are not sure what the painting says, just write us or give us a call. We have set up a free consultation hotline, which you can use. You can find the phone number in the top left corner of the website or in the bottom right corner.

Since we want to respond to each very individually, you can also contact us if you want something special, but have not found it in our shop. Then please just give us a call. We have both made special trainings to be able to deal with each one individually.

In this sense, follow your intuition, even if this means that you will not find the right energy art for you. 🙂


All the best from the heart


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Written by Karsten


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