With this method you awaken your creative potential

Posted On 04/17/2020

Surround yourself with Sacred Geometry, feel the power and discover your creative potential!

Images with symbols from Sacred Geometry have a holistic effect – they make the energies in people and rooms flow.

It is the combination of:

1) powerful background effects, which give geometry spatiality, liveliness and a direction of action

2) the symbols that create harmony, order and perfection and show us how “life” manifests and structures itself and

3) the colours, which can have a balancing and vitalising effect if they integrate the individually missing elements and are adapted to the person.

If you now work intensively with these geometries, by constructing or painting them, something very valuable happens:

  1. your perception changes
  2. the access to your intuition is strengthened
  3. You learn to think, feel and act with your heart.

Creativity from the heart is always perfect and all-encompassing. You recognize that everything is ONE. Your potentials reveal themselves and want to be lived. The needed energies are available to you with these pictures – just courage – now it is up to you to realize your soul plan and manifest the “harmony in the whole”.

This is the goal of our work from the beginning. We support you in your process by painting your personal energy picture, with an individual consultation in which we show you exactly which elements are needed to restore the harmony in you and in the form of drawing seminars where you learn to create your own energy picture.

Simply contact us for a non-binding initial consultation on 049371 23 451 305 or send us an e-mail to contakt@energart.org

To give you an insight into our work, simply visit our picture shop, where some of our works are on display.

If you would like to paint your own energy picture, you can do so via the link: Painting Seminars Online or on site on our painting seminar page.

In any case we wish you all the best on your further path of life

Jeannette and Karsten 

Written by Karsten


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