Mandala coloring book “Coloring book for adults”

Mandala coloring book “Coloring book for adults”


We offer our mandala coloring book here. It has 48 pages with 10 motifs for coloring and very interesting texts on the subject of mandalas.

These mandalas were all constructed and conceived by ourselves. You can now find it in this wonderful coloring book.

You can find some preview pictures of our book in the gallery view on the left.

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We offer you our coloring book “Mandalas for coloring” with 10 different motifs. These mandalas were all constructed and conceived by ourselves. You can now find it in this wonderful coloring book. Coloring mandalas gives us access to ourselves. Painting mandala is not only suitable for children, it is also very good for adults. It is a kind of meditation that you enter into. All of our mandalas are largely based on sacred geometry and thus bring with them a basic structure that helps us to get back into balance. The coloring book also contains many interesting texts on the subject of mandala. The book has a total of 48 pages, including 10 mandalas and 13 text pages. However, we have printed all texts and mandalas on a separate page, so that when you paint, you don’t have to be afraid that the pen will destroy the other side.

What else can you expect from our mandala coloring book?

Each picture is printed on a separate page, which makes it much easier to color. Instructions for learning meditative coloring are included You will also learn a lot of exciting things about the subject of mandala It is not just a coloring book, but a tool and guide Offers countless hours of fun, relaxation, stress relief and creative development Format: 21.59cm x 21.59cm (square) Immerse yourself in a carefree world and let your creativity run wild!

Motifs: Jeannette Wagner

Text: Jeannette Wagner and Karsten Wagner

Publisher: Xanadu Evolution

Layout: Karsten “Raul Falco” Wagner 2015 edition

here is a preview video of the mandala coloring book:


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